• How to Capture Moral Behaviors: From Laboratory to Everyday Life

    分类: 心理学 >> 社会心理学 提交时间: 2022-06-29

    摘要:Morality is an eternal topic that has been contemplated and pursued by both philosophers and lay people alike for thousands of years. Psychologists have found that individuals’ moral judgments, moral emotions, moral intentions, moral motivations, moral reasoning and moral behaviors are not internally consistent. Among which, moral behavior is most relevant to everyday life. Given that moral behaviors are influenced by various factors such as personality traits (e.g., virtue), social situations (e.g., time pressure), and social desirability (e.g., moral image), it is quite challenging to effectively and accurately measure moral behaviors both in the laboratory and in real-life social situations. Our current work synthesizes differing concepts of moral behaviors and their conceptual distinctions from diverse disciplinary perspectives. We then offer a selective review on differing paradigms such as scale method, laboratory experiment, virtual reality, field experiment, big data approaches and experience-sampling method. It is our hope that this work would inspire researchers to better capture and explore the complex and dynamic moral behaviors, and provide potential future prospects to the emerging trends of novel thoughts, theories, methods, paradigms and applications for unveiling moral behaviors and their underlying processes.

  • Dialectical thinking is linked with smaller bilateral nucleus accumbens and right amygdala: the mediating role of sensitivity to reward

    分类: 心理学 >> 生理心理学 提交时间: 2021-02-09

    摘要: Our current work examined the interface of thinking style and mental health at both behavioral and neuropsychological levels which describe a predisposition to psychopathology. Thirty-nine Chinese participants were divided into high and low holistic thinkers based on the triad task scores, completed the Sensitivity to Punishment and Sensitivity to Reward Questionnaire (SPSRQ), and performed structural and resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging. We found that high holistic thinkers were much less sensitive to reward than low holistic thinkers. Furthermore, their bilateral nucleus accumbens and right amygdala volumes were smaller than those of low holistic thinkers. Our integrated results showed that the relationship between holistic thinking tendency and the amygdala volume was mediated by the nucleus accumbens and the sensitivity to reward. Finally, resting-state functional connectivity results showed increased FC between left nucleus accumbens and bilateral amygdala in high holistic thinkers. The present synthetical results suggest that dialectical thinking may lead to better mental health outcomes.

  • Do Experiences Studying Abroad Promote Dialectical Thinking?

    分类: 心理学 >> 社会心理学 提交时间: 2020-10-19

    摘要:Our current work seeks to provide direct evidence on whether Chinese international students’ experiences studying abroad promote dialectical thinking. We collected behavioral data from 258 Chinese international students studying in multiple regions. We found that when primed with studying abroad (relative to traveling abroad, their hometown culture and a control condition), participants were more likely to show tolerance for contradiction, meaning that they deemed both sides of contradictory scientific statements as convincing and rated them more favorably. Therefore, it is plausible that Chinese international students’ experiences studying abroad promote their dialectical thinking regardless of their host culture. More work is needed to further this line of research by 1) extending these effects with other measures of dialectical thinking, 2) adopting differing paradigms to provide more robust findings, and 3) understanding how experiences studying abroad may promote dialectical thinking.