• Molecular basis of ligand recognition and activation of succinate receptor

    分类: 药物科学 >> 结构生物学 提交时间: 2024-02-29

    摘要: Succinic acid, a tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle intermediate, significantly influences mitochondrial reactive oxygen species homeostasis through the G protein-coupled succinate receptor (SUCR1, also called GPR91), linking it to various physiological and pathological processes. Despite SUCR1’s pivotal role in mediating effects leading to liver fibrosis, hypertension, angiogenesis, inflammation, and offering a therapeutic target for multiple diseases, its activation mechanism by diverse ligands and interaction with downwards G protein remains poorly understood. This study presents the cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) structures of SUCR1 in complex with inhibitory G protein (Gi) bound to succinic acid, maleic acid, and compound 31, a high-affinity agonist. These structures elucidate the distinct ligand binding modes, uncover the activation signal cascade, and detail the G protein coupling mechanism of SUCR1. Our findings provide a comprehensive structural basis for SUCR1 activation, paving the way for structure-based drug design aimed at SUCR1-related pathologies.

  • Heavy ion energy influence on multiple-cell upsets in small sensitive volumes: From standard to high energies

    分类: 物理学 >> 核物理学 提交时间: 2024-02-29

    摘要: The 28nm process has a high cost-performance ratio and has gradually become the standard for the field
    of radiation-hardened devices. However, owing to the minimum physical gate length of only 35nm, the physical
    area of a standard 6T SRAM unit is approximately 0.16 μm2, resulting in a significant enhancement of
    multi-cell charge-sharing effects. Multiple-cell upsets (MCUs) have become the primary physical mechanism
    behind single-event upsets (SEUs) in advanced nanometer node devices. The range of ionization track effects
    increases with higher ion energies, and spacecraft in orbit primarily experience SEUs caused by high-energy
    ions. However, ground accelerator experiments have mainly obtained low-energy ion irradiation data. Therefore,
    the impact of ion energy on the SEU cross-section, charge collection mechanisms, and MCU patterns and
    quantities in advanced nanometer devices remains unclear. In this study, based on the experimental platform
    of the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou (HIRFL), low- and high-energy heavy-ion beams were used
    to study the SEUs of 28nm SRAM devices. The influence of ion energy on the charge collection processes
    of small-sensitive-volume devices, MCU patterns, and upset cross-sections was obtained, and the applicable
    range of the inverse-cosine law was clarified. The findings of this study are an important guide for the accurate
    evaluation of SEUs in advanced nanometer devices and for the development of radiation-hardening techniques.

  • 中国年轻女性HPV疫苗接种意愿影响因素的探究及评估

    分类: 心理学 >> 应用心理学 提交时间: 2024-02-29

    摘要: HPV疫苗的接种不仅能有效地阻止宫颈癌及其前期病变的发展,同时也能预防HPV感染引发的其他部位的疾病。然而我国疫苗接种情况并不乐观,许多年轻人对于接种HPV疫苗犹豫不决。基于计划理论模型,本研究旨在探究HPV疫苗接种意愿产生影响的因素,同时编制出一份具有良好信效度的HPV疫苗接种意愿影响因素重要性评估问卷,并探究不同疫苗接种意愿影响因素的重要性程度。在实验一中,本研究通过半结构化访谈的方法,探究了个体HPV疫苗接种意愿的影响因素,得到了疫苗安全性、疫苗有效性、接种便利性、专业性、从众、数据等25个影响因素;在实验二中,通过探索性因子分析、验证性因子分析及信效度检验,构建了一个包含17个题目,4个维度的HPV疫苗接种意愿影响因素重要性评估问卷。其中,验证性因子分析支持 4 因子模型(χ²/df<3,RMR=0.059,RMSEA=0.054,GFI=0.928,TLI=0.914,IFI=0.929),显示出良好的模型拟合度。问卷的 Cronbach’s α 系数为 0.853,间隔 4 周的重测信度为 0.804。表明我们的问卷具有良好的信效度。此外,个体对于不同影响因素的重要性程度评估存在明显差异,是否有家族癌症史和不同教育程度的个体在评价因素重要性时也存在显著差异。本研究将为疫苗接种推广策略提供有价值的见解,并为制定有针对性的方法提供科学依据和参考。

  • 基于文本数据增强的生活满意度预测模型优化

    分类: 心理学 >> 应用心理学 分类: 计算机科学 >> 计算机应用技术 提交时间: 2024-02-29

    摘要: 目的 随着网络大数据以及机器学习的方法的发展,越来越多研究结合文本分析与机器学习来预测满意度。在建立生活满意度预测模型的研究中,针对获取大量有效的有标注数据困难的问题,本研究提出基于文本数据增强以优化生活满意度预测模型。 方法 改编大连理工词典后,以357份生活现状描述为原始文本、生活满意度量表自评分为标注,经过EDA和回译进行文本数据增强,利用传统机器学习算法建立预测模型。 结果 结果显示,大连理工词典改编后,各模型预测能力大大提高;数据增强后,仅在线性回归模型上观察到回译和EDA的提升作用。使用原始数据进行训练的岭回归模型预测值与实际值的皮尔逊相关系数最高,达0.4131。 结论 特征提取精度的提升可优化目前的生活满意度预测模型,但对于以词频为特征建立的生活满意度预测模型,基于回译和EDA进行的文本数据增强可能并不十分适用。

  • Theoretical analysis of double-differential cross-sections of neutron, proton, deuteron, 3He, and α for the p+6Li reaction

    分类: 物理学 >> 核物理学 分类: 物理学 >> 地球物理学、天文学和天体物理学 提交时间: 2024-02-29

    摘要: Based on the unified Hauser–Feshbach and exciton model, which can describe the particle emission processes between discrete energy levels with energy, angular momentum, and parity conservations, a statistical theory of light nucleus reaction (STLN) is developed to calculate the double-differential cross-sections of the outgoing neutron and light charged particles for the proton-induced 6Li reaction. A significant difference is observed between the p + 6Li and p +7Lireactions owing to the discrepancies in the energy-level structures of the targets. The reaction channels, including sequential and simultaneous emission processes, are analyzed in detail. Taking the double-differential cross-sections of the outgoing proton as an example, the influence of contaminations (such as 1H, 7Li, 12C, and 16O) on the target is identified in terms of the kinetic energy of the first emitted particles. The optical potential parameters of the proton are obtained by fitting the elastic scattering differential cross-sections. The calculated total double-differential cross-sections of the outgoing proton and deuteron at Ep = 14MeVagree well with the experimental data for different outgoing angles. Simultaneously, the mixed double differential cross-sections of 3He and α are in good agreement with the measurements. The agreement between the measured data and calculated results indicates that the two-body and three-body breakup reactions need to be considered, and the pre-equilibrium reaction mechanism dominates the reaction processes. Based on the STLN model, a PLUNF code for the p + 6Li reaction is developed to obtain an ENDF-6-formatted file of the double-differential cross-sections of the nucleon and light composite charged particles.

  • “你看见什么东西正在消逝”:大学生群体对高中的怀旧心理考察

    分类: 心理学 >> 社会心理学 提交时间: 2024-02-28

    摘要: 社交媒体上,“想回高三歇两天”的帖子屡见不鲜。为研究大学生群体对高中的怀旧心理,本研究使用问卷调查的方法,将统计分析与语料分析两种跨学科方法创新结合,提出了大学生综合怀旧得分的计算方法,并在此基础上得出了三点结论,即:(1)大学生怀旧程度在性别上男性高于女性;(2)大一学生较其他年级更不怀旧;(3)除全国Ⅰ卷地区,高中教育综合水平越高的地区,学生越怀旧。本研究还提出了八点假设,有待进一步研究,并对多种群体存在参考意义。本研究的不足在于问卷设计与数据分析方式的部分不合理,与对小概率事件的部分不正确看待。

  • Maximizing output power in P-N junction betavoltaic batteries via Monte Carlo and Physics-Based Compact Model Co-Simulation

    分类: 核科学技术 >> 核科学技术其他学科 提交时间: 2024-02-28

    摘要: Betavoltaic nuclear batteries show promise as compact and enduring power sources for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Current theoretical calculations often overlook practical diode characteristics like surface recombination (S), bulk recombination within the space-charge region (R-SCR), series resistance (Rs) and shunt resistance (Rsh), resulting in significant gaps between theoretical predictions and experimental results, with differences in JSC, VOC, or converter efficiency up to tenfold. To address this, a Practical Diode Model, integrating these practical characteristics, is developed via Monte Carlo and Physics-Based Compact Model Co-Simulation.We quantitatively analyze the differential impacts and synergistic effects of these practical characteristics on JSC, VOC, FF, and Pout, highlighting the detrimental effects of S, R-SCR, and Rs, while emphasizing the beneficial role of Rsh. Further analysis of the degree of influence of S, Rs, and Rsh on output power reveals a priority ranking order of Rs, S, and Rsh for Si-based batteries, and S, Rsh, and Rs for SiC-based batteries. This approach effectively bridges the theoretical-experimental gap, evidenced by J-V curves closely matching tested batteries and negligible relative errors of -0.8% to 0.6% between Pout values and their tested counterparts, emphasizing its accuracy in predictions. We predict output performance across material qualities, obtaining achievable powers of 16.82 and 73.90 nW/cm2 for planar Si- and SiC-based batteries, and evaluate the quality levels of existing batteries. Furthermore, our model can forecast the performance of 3D batteries by incorporating an extended electron-hole pair generation rate model into 3D structures, achieving 28 μW/cm3 for the 63Ni-Si-based multi-layer battery, surpassing planar silicon and suitable for MEMS applications.

  • Grain boundary engineering for enhancing intergranular damage resistance of ferritic/martensitic steel P92

    分类: 核科学技术 >> 核科学技术其他学科 分类: 物理学 >> 核物理学 提交时间: 2024-02-28

    摘要: Ferritic/martensitic (F/M) steels have been widely used as structural material for thermal and nuclear power plants. However, it is susceptible to intergranular damage in service conditions, which is expected to be critical issues. In order to improve the intergranular damage resistance of F/M steel, thermomechanical process (TMP) was employed to achieve a grain boundary engineering (GBE) microstructure in a kind of F/M steel P92 in this study. TMP, including cold rolling to 6%, 9%, and 12% thickness reduction, respectively, followed by austenization at 1323 K for 40 min plus tempering at 1053 K for 45 min, were applied on as-received (AR) P92 steel. Both prior austenite grain (PAG) size, prior austenite grain boundary character distribution (GBCD), and the connectivity of prior austenite grain boundaries (PAGBs) were investigated. Compared with AR specimen, the PAG size does not change significantly. The fraction of coincident site lattice boundaries (CSLBs, 3 ≤ Σ ≤ 29) and Σ3n boundaries along PAGBs decreases with increasing reduction ratio due to the recrystallization fraction increases with increasing reduction ratio. The PAGBs connectivity of the 6%-deformed specimen deteriorates compared with that of AR specimen slightly. Moreover, the potentiodynamic polarization studies revealed that the intergranular damage resistance of studied steel could be improved by enhancing the fraction of CSLBs along PAGBs, indicating that TMP, involving low deformation, could enhance the intergranular damage resistance.

  • Biharmonic Riemannian submersions from the product space $M^2 times r$

    分类: 数学 >> 几何与拓扑 提交时间: 2024-02-28

    摘要: In this paper,  we study  biharmonic Riemannian submersions $ pi:M^2 times r to (N^2,h)$ from a product manifold onto a surface and obtain some local characterizations of such biharmonic maps. Our results show that when the target surface is flat, then a proper biharmonic Riemannian submersion $ pi:M^2 times r to (N^2,h)$ is locally a projection of a special twisted product, and when the target surface is non-flat, $ pi$ is locally a  special map between two warped product spaces with a warping function that solves a single ODE. As a by-product, we also prove that there is a unique proper biharmonic Riemannian submersion $H^2 times r to r^2$ given by the projection of a warped product.

  • 上海激光电子伽马源的建设与试运行

    分类: 物理学 >> 核物理学 提交时间: 2024-02-28

    摘要: 介绍了上海光源线站工程之一的上海激光电子伽马源 (Shanghai Laser Electron Gamma Source, SLEGS)光束线站的建设与试运行情况,在SLEGS伽马源装置上可以开展核物理、核天体物理等基础研究、开展伽马辐照,伽马成像及伽马活化等应用研究。SLEGS光束线站在2021年12月通过工艺验收,2022年10月进入到试运行阶段,2023年9月对用户开放运行。SLEGS是国际上首台采用变换碰撞角度连续改变伽马束能量,具有最好的能量扫描精度、流强密度以及高效的能量调节能力。试运行阶段SLEGS光束线站重点解决了伽马束能谱和流强的在线监测问题,主要完成了平坦效率谱仪(FED)测量光中子截面的实验方法学研究,以及开展了伽马成像、伽马活化,正电子产生等应用平台的拓展和研究。随着逆康普顿散射技术的发展和应用需求的增加,未来短脉冲、高极化、高通量以及小型化的激光康普顿散射光源将会迎来更好的发展机遇,将在核物理、天体物理、粒子物理,极化物理,以及航空航天,医学检测,能源开发等伽马源应用研究领域发挥重要的作用。

  • Construction of Gamma Activation Experimental Platform for Shanghai Laser Electron Gamma Source

    分类: 物理学 >> 核物理学 提交时间: 2024-02-28

    摘要: 上海激光电子伽马源(Shanghai Laser Electron Gamma Source,SLEGS)是通过激光与电子逆康普顿散射产生准单能、能量连续可调的兆电子伏伽马束,是目前国际上唯一一台可连续变换碰撞角度的激光康普顿散射(Laser Compton Scattering,LCS)伽马源装置。伽马活化是研究材料特性的有效手段之一,本文介
    绍了上海激光电子伽马源的伽马活化平台情况、包括在线活化过程,离线低本底测量,高纯锗(High Purity Germanium,HPGe)探测器的能量效率刻度等。目前的简易低本底屏蔽使得测量系统本底计数率降低到约 5.2cps/(60 keV-3 MeV 能区)。SLEGS 伽马源的活化平台为开展伽马活化测量研究提供了有利条件,未来在核物理、核天体物理、医学应用、材料科学和环境科学等领域的研究将会发挥重要的作用。

  • 基于单极感应问题的力线与场概念的实验研究

    分类: 物理学 >> 普通物理:统计和量子力学,量子信息等 提交时间: 2024-02-27

    摘要: 本文通过线圈与磁体相对运动实验,以及对诸多电磁相互作用案例分析研究表明在单极感应问题上,韦伯当年的观点是正确的。另外,本文的实验分析同时表明与场的概念相比较,力线的概念对解释电磁相互作用同样起重要作用。

  • 老年遗忘型轻度认知障碍执行功能的神经机制及数字干预研究

    分类: 心理学 >> 认知心理学 提交时间: 2024-02-27

    摘要: 阿尔茨海默病具有极高的发病率和致死率。遗忘型轻度认知障碍(Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment, aMCI)作为临床前驱期,探究其形成和发展机制有助于预防阿尔茨海默病的发生。现有研究显示,多个执行域缺陷与aMCI记忆衰退密切相关,但尚未回答何种执行域是关键致病因子、关键干预治疗靶标等科学问题。为突破以往研究将执行功能视作整体抑或割裂元素的局限性,本研究拟从执行功能结构全貌着眼,在提出aMCI执行功能与记忆损害关系假说的基础上,利用脑电技术系统考察aMCI抑制、刷新和转换三种执行功能子成分的时域、时频和动态脑网络特征;并结合三维卷积神经网络筛选、识别执行功能缺陷的特异性神经靶标,探索将抑制域相关神经标记物加入aMCI早期识别的可能性;最后,通过纵向因果设计分析不同靶向数字干预对aMCI患者的训练效果及神经基础,以揭示抑制域相关额顶控制网络在干预中的重要作用。本研究有望从计算认知神经视角阐明抑制是aMCI执行功能缺损和干预的认知新靶点,进而为aMCI早期识别和制定精准化诊疗方案提供循证依据。

  • 一种高计数率的能损探测器方案研究

    分类: 物理学 >> 核物理学 分类: 核科学技术 >> 核探测技术与核电子学 提交时间: 2024-02-27

    摘要: 正在建设中的强流重离子加速器装置 HIAF 配备了一条先进的放射性束流线 HFRS,建成后将为中国 高能放射性核束物理研究提供新的机遇。HFRS 的特点是流强极高 (初级束流强度 1 × 1011 ppp),这对用于粒 子鉴别的能损探测器提出了非常高的计数率要求。传统的能损探测器对信号处理一般依次采用电荷灵敏前放、 主放、ADC 的技术路线。该方案存在电子学响应速度较慢、灵活性较差、难以处理高计数率下信号堆积严重 等问题。我们对此提出一种新的适用于高计数率的能损探测器方案:以耐辐照的多次取样电离室为能损探测 器,优化结构和读出方式提高探测器响应速度,使用快电荷灵敏前放对能损探测器信号初步放大后、直接用 波形数字化仪采集波形再进行后续数字算法处理。并利用放射源和束流对该方案进行了验证测试。利用 3 组 分 𝛼 源测试时,对采集的波形使用数字成形算法处理,能量分辨率(FWHM)可达 1.31%。在 RIBLL2 提供 300 MeV/u 的 56Fe 束流测试中,采用时间常数 𝜏f = 2 𝜇𝑠 的快电荷灵敏前放在计数率接近 1 MHz 时仍未发生明显堆积。

  • Ⅲ期胃癌D2根治术后辅助放化疗患者长期预后的影响因素:基于10年随访数据

    分类: 医学、药学 >> 临床医学 提交时间: 2024-02-27 合作期刊: 《中国全科医学》

    摘要: 背景  局部进展期胃癌主要包括Ⅲ期胃癌,以综合治疗为主,患者术后复发是影响患者预后的关键因素。目的  探究Ⅲ期胃癌D2根治术后辅助放化疗患者长期预后的影响因素。方法  选取2009年1月—2014年12月在复旦大学附属中山医院放疗科行D2根治术后辅助放化疗的胃癌患者为研究对象,病理结果根据国际癌症联合会(UICC)和美国肿瘤联合会(AJCC)第八版胃癌TNM分期系统进行分期,明确诊断Ⅲ期胃癌。术后所有患者在第1年每3个月随访1次,之后2年内每6个月随访1次,而后每年随访1次。随访截止日期为2021-12-15。采用Log-rank检验比较生存率的差异,采用Cox比例风险回归分析探究患者总生存时间(OS)和无病生存时间(DFS)的影响因素,列线图预测临床病理特征对预后的影响,Kaplan-Meier法比较不同pTNM分期、年龄、转移淋巴结率(LNR)、胃切除方式患者生存差异。结果  共纳入行术后辅助放疗的Ⅲ期胃癌患者135例,中位随访时间10.48年。5年内复发70例,死亡62例,5年无病生存率、总生存率分别为48.1%(65/135)、54.1%(73/135);10年内复发74例,死亡74例,10年无病生存率、总生存率均为45.2%。Log-rank检验结果显示,不同pTNM分期、pT分期、LNR、癌结节、肿瘤位置、胃切除方式患者5年生存率比较,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。不同pTNM分期、pT分期、LNR、神经浸润、胃切除方式患者10年生存率比较,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。多因素Cox比例风险回归分析结果显示,pTNM分期(ⅢA期,OS:HR=0.40,95%CI=0.19~0.83;DFS:HR=0.40,95%CI=0.19~0.92)、LNR(>50%,OS:HR=1.74,95%CI=1.03~2.94;DFS:HR=1.87,95%CI=1.73~1.02)、胃切除术方式(全胃切除术,OS:HR=2.07,95%CI=1.22~3.50;DFS:HR=2.02,95%CI=1.20~3.41)是Ⅲ期胃癌D2根治术后辅助放化疗患者OS和DFS的独立影响因素(P<0.05),年龄(≤40岁,HR=2.19,95%CI=1.06~4.53)是Ⅲ期胃癌D2根治术后辅助放化疗患者OS的独立影响因素(P<0.05)。另外,列线图表明年龄、pTNM分期、LNR、胃切除术方式对Ⅲ期胃癌D2根治术后辅助放化疗患者预后有预测作用。胃癌术后患者复发情况:10例(7.4%)局部复发(放射野内吻合口和淋巴结的复发),35例(25.9%)患者出现腹、盆腔播散种植,37例(27.4%)患者出现了远处转移(包括肺、肝、骨、脑等脏器);部分患者发现了2种类型以上的复发。不同pTNM分期、年龄、LNR、胃切除方式的Ⅲ期胃癌患者术后生存曲线比较,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论  大部分Ⅲ期胃癌D2根治术后辅助放化疗患者复发或死亡主要在5年内。pTNM分期、LNR和胃切除方式是这类患者预后的主要影响因素。

  • Atomistic study on the microscopic mechanism of grain boundary embrittlement induced by small dense helium bubbles in iron

    分类: 物理学 >> 核物理学 分类: 核科学技术 >> 核聚变工程技术 提交时间: 2024-02-27

    摘要: The helium bubbles induced by 14 MeV neutron irradiation can cause intergranular fractures in reduced activation ferritic martensitic (RAFM) steel, which is a candidate structural material for fusion reactors. In order to elucidate the susceptibility of different grain boundaries (GBs) to helium-induced embrittlement, the tensile fracture processes of 10 types of GBs with and without helium bubbles in body-centered cubic (bcc) iron at the relevant service temperature of 600 K were investigated via molecular dynamics methods. The results indicate that in the absence of helium bubbles, the GBs studied here can be classified into two distinct categories: brittle GBs and ductile GBs. The atomic scale analysis shows that the plastic deformation of ductile GB at high temperatures originates from complex plastic deformation mechanisms, including the Bain/Burgers path phase transition and deformation twinning, in which the Bain path phase transition is the most dominant plastic deformation mechanism. However, the presence of helium bubbles severely inhibits the plastic deformation channels of the GBs, resulting in a significant decrease in elongation at fractures. For bubble-decorated GBs, the ultimate tensile strength increases with the increase of the misorientation angle. Interestingly, the coherent twin boundary Ʃ3{112} was found to maintain relatively high fracture strength and maximum failure strain under the influence of helium bubbles.

  • Study on the Pharmacological Mechanism of the Xihuang Pill and its Treatment of Breast Cancer Based on Nontargeted Metabonomics

    分类: 医学、药学 >> 中医学与中药学 提交时间: 2024-02-26

    摘要: Objective. To study the main differential metabolites of Xihuang Pill (XHP) in rat serum and the mechanism of related pathways of metabolites on breast cancer. Method. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of metabolites in XHP drug serum group and blank serum group by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) technology. And using sample correlation heat map and multivariate statistical analysis methods to compare the metabolic differences between the two groups. The metabolites were analyzed by cluster analysis, Variable Importance in Projection (VIP) analysis, Kyoto Encyclopedia of genes and Genomes (KEGG) compound classification and KEGG functional and enrichment topology analysis. Result. LC-MS technology identified a total of 765 metabolites in the XHP drug serum group; a total of 697 metabolites in the blank serum group. VIP analysis screened the top 30 serum differential metabolites that were significantly different between the two groups, such as Abscisic acid, Quillaic acid, 2,2-Bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-1-propanol, Corey PG-Lactone Diol, (S)-Naproxen and so on. KEGG compound classification showed that most of the metabolites in XHP were classified as phospholipids and amino acids, steroid hormones and carboxylic acids . KEGG functional pathways main involved are Lipid metabolism, Amino acid metabolism, Cancer: overview. KEGG enrichment and topology analysis, mainly involved in steroid hormone biosynthesis pathway and beta-alanine metabolism pathway. Conclusion. The main differential metabolite of XHP in rat serum may be Abscisic acid. XHP may exert its pharmacological effect on breast cancer by regulating steroid hormone biosynthesis pathway to regulate estrogen and progesterone levels and beta-alanine metabolism pathway to induce cancer cell apoptosis.

  • Recent Progress on Halo Nuclei in Relativistic Density Functional Theory

    分类: 物理学 >> 核物理学 提交时间: 2024-02-26

    摘要: Since the discovery of the halo nucleus 11Li in 1985, halo phenomena in exotic nuclei have always been an important frontier in nuclear physics research. The relativistic density functional theory has achieved great success in the study of halo nuclei, e.g., the self-consistent description of halo nucleus 11Li and the microscopic prediction of deformed halo nuclei. This paper introduces some recent progresses, including the investigation of halo nucleus 37Mg and the prediction of the N = 28 shell collapse and a deformed halo in the new isotope 39Na based on the deformed relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov theory in continuum (DRHBc), as well as the exploration of triaxially deformed halo nuclei by the newly developed triaxial relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov theory in continuum (TRHBc).

  • 社会等级的进阶路径及其演化:来自比较研究的启示

    分类: 心理学 >> 心理学其他学科 提交时间: 2024-02-26

    摘要: 社会等级是一个动态演化的多维系统,其获取可分为三大路径。支配路径强调借助攻击与威胁获取资源,在激烈的性选择压力下演化而来。能力路径突出知识/技能对获取地位的作用,源于技术性觅食所产生的文化学习需要。与前两种路径不同,以心理利他为特征的美德路径为人类社会所独有。它是文化演化的产物,其存在是为了解决大规模集体行动的问题。三种路径在存在范围、行为模式和结果、演化动因以及情感介质等方面存在差异。未来研究可进一步澄清不同动物群体性选择模式与支配等级的关系,结合多个学科考察人类能力路径演化的特殊环境,并探究美德路径的生物性基础。

  • 贫困经历下稀缺心态对儿童执行功能的影响及其机制

    分类: 心理学 >> 发展心理学 提交时间: 2024-02-26

    摘要: 在乡村振兴的时代背景下如何全面有效地衡量脱贫后的生活环境、准确掌握贫困经历及其变化对儿童发展的负面影响和内在机制成为当下的重要科学议题。考虑到儿童成长过程中贫困条件的交叠累积性反应,有更多潜在的贫困从属条件需要重视,且儿童在经历贫困后如何加工理解相关信息对其发展有重要影响。本研究聚焦我国有贫困经历的学龄儿童,以稀缺理论为切入点,旨在构建适用于当前背景的多维贫困模型,并从注意模式和神经活动解释稀缺心态影响贫困儿童执行功能的作用机制,为有贫困经历儿童的认知发展提供新的干预视角,更好助力我国乡村儿童的健康发展。