• The impact of COVID-19 on negative body image: Evidence based on social media data

    分类: 心理学 >> 应用心理学 提交时间: 2023-05-12

    摘要: 身体经验和条件关乎社会发展和人类的幸福体验,然而以往研究在COVID-19对消极身体意象的影响上尚未达成一致。为了探究COVID-19与消极身体意象的真实关系,本研究构建了消极身体意象词典,从海量微博数据中获取2010年1月至2022年5月中国31个省/市/自治区的身体意象面板数据,比较了疫情前后不同年份间消极身体意象水平的差异,并探究了疫情严重程度对消极身体意象的影响关系。结果发现,疫情爆发后,消极身体形象水平显著下降,并在两年内保持稳定。且在控制区域效应和时间效应后,新冠疫情的严重程度能够负向预测消极身体意象水平。本研究表明,在封锁期间,群众可能出于对死亡的恐惧和生活习惯的改变更容易接纳身体外观。研究结果对从宏观层面理解重大公共卫生事件影响下的大众身体意象的变化有重要意义。

  • Exploring the influencing factors of COVID-19 vaccination willingness: A mixed-method study in China

    分类: 心理学 >> 应用心理学 提交时间: 2022-05-11

    摘要: The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused enormous damage to individuals’ normal life and society’s development. Recently, with the emergence of novel coronavirus variants, people around the world are still under the attack of COVID-19. And vaccine uptake is considered one of the most effective methods to defend against this epidemic. However, many people hold hesitant attitudes towards the COVID-19 vaccine. For the vaccination promotion work, it is important to find out what factors would influence the intention of vaccination. With the aim of practical use, this study identifies two main themes of this factor structure, that is, non-manipulable factors and manipulable factors. This study uses semi-structured interviews to explore the influencing factors related to vaccination willingness. For the interview results analysis, this study employs a mixed-method, which combines qualitative thematic analysis and quantitative topic modeling. The thematic analysis identifies nine key factors and topic modeling identifies seven key factors. After gathering and discussing these key factors, this study confirmed ten key factors as final factors. More specifically, non-manipulable factors contain Effectiveness and safety of vaccines and Vaccine feasibility, and manipulable factors include Convenience of vaccine, Responsibility, External reference, Necessity and urgency of vaccination uptake, Perceived threat, Perceived benefits, Scientific and objective expression, and Policy requirement. This study investigates key influencing factors that would affect public vaccination intentions in China and provides specific guidelines for vaccination promotion for authorities and public health workers.

  • COVID-19 outbreak increased risk of schizophrenia in aged adults

    分类: 心理学 >> 临床与咨询心理学 分类: 医学、药学 >> 预防医学与公共卫生学 提交时间: 2020-02-29

    摘要: We noticed an unusual increase of first-time patients with schizophrenia (F20) in January 2020 since the outbreak of COVID-19. The aim of this retrospective study is to validate this observation and find potential risk factors, if applicable. A total number of 13,783 records from outpatients in January 2020 were investigated thoroughly. Comparisons between incidence of schizophrenia in outpatients in January 2020 and similar periods of 2017-2019 were made to minimize seasonal influence. Relationship of incidence of schizophrenia and COVID-19 infections in China was calculated. Limited personal information (age, gender, approximate residence) was analyzed to find risk factors.After excluding seasonal factors such as Spring festival, a positive relationship between incidence of schizophrenia in first-time patients and countrywide epidemic situation was found. Statistical results further showed a significant increase of median age from 39 to 50 for first-time patients diagnosed with schizophrenia which is unusual. Meanwhile, a slight but not significant change was found in distribution of gender and approximate residence (urban/suburb). Our data supported that COVID-19 outbreak increased risk of schizophrenia in aged adults which is consistent with the fact that COVID-19 is more lethal to elders. We strongly appeal that public healthcare in countries either with or without infected patients should prepare in advance for potential risks in public mental health.