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Confirmation of a charged charmoniumlike state $Z_c(3885)^\mp$ in $e^+e^-\to\pi^\pm(D\barD^*)^\mp$ with double $D$ tag

Submit Time: 2016-09-12
Author: Ablikim, M. and others 1 ;
Institute: 1.BESIII Collaboration;


We present a study of the process e+e?→π±(DD??)? using data samples of 1092~pb?1 at s√=4.23~GeV and 826~pb?1 at s√=4.26~GeV collected with the BESIII detector at the BEPCII storage ring. With full reconstruction of the D meson pair and the bachelor π± in the final state, we confirm the existence of the charged structure Zc(3885)? in the (DD??)? system in the two isospin processes e+e?→π+D0D?? and e+e?→π+D?D?0. By performing a simultaneous fit, the statistical significance of Zc(3885)? signal is determined to be greater than 10σ, and its pole mass and width are measured to be Mpole=(3881.7±1.6(stat.)±1.6(syst.))~MeV/c2 and Γpole=(26.6±2.0(stat.)±2.1(syst.))~MeV, respectively. The Born cross section times the (DD??)? branching fraction (σ(e+e?→π±Zc(3885)?)×Br(Zc(3885)?→(DD??)?)) is measured to be (141.6±7.9(stat.)±12.3(syst.)) pb at s√=4.23~GeV and (108.4±6.9(stat.)±8.8(syst.)) pb at s√=4.26~GeV. The polar angular distribution of the π±-Zc(3885)? system is consistent with the expectation of a quantum number assignment of JP=1+ for Zc(3885)?.
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Keywords: BESIII; Z_c(3885);
Recommended references: Ablikim, M. and others.(2016).Confirmation of a charged charmoniumlike state $Z_c(3885)^\mp$ in $e^+e^-\to\pi^\pm(D\barD^*)^\mp$ with double $D$ tag.[ChinaXiv:201609.00722] (Click&Copy)
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