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The Y(4260) as an ω χc1 molecular state

Submit Time: 2017-03-26
Author: C. Z. Yuan 1 ; P. Wang 1 ; X. H. Mo 1 ;
Institute: 1.Institute of High Energy Physics, P.O. Box 918, Beijing 100049, China;


It is suggested that the newly observed Y(4260) by BaBar Collaboration is a molecular state composed of an ω and a χc1. Both the production and decay properties are discussed. A consequence for this molecular state, Y(4260), is that it decays copiously into π+π-π0χcl. It is also expected that Y(4260) →π0π0J/ψ is produced at half rate as Y(4260) →π0π0J/ψ. These decay modes should be searched for in the B factories using initial state radiative return data and B decay data as well.
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Keywords: Y(4260) ;
Recommended references: C. Z. Yuan,P. Wang,X. H. Mo.(2017).The Y(4260) as an ω χc1 molecular state.[ChinaXiv:201703.00603] (Click&Copy)
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